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09/06/16 11:34

Low Carbon Transport Loan Fund doubles

Low Carbon Transport Loan Fund doubles: East Coast Organics

New interest free loans for Scottish commuters, businesses and Hackney cab drivers.

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09/06/16 09:30

Putting carers first

New support for carers being considered for when powers are devolved.

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09/06/16 00:01

Expansion of Scottish Attainment Challenge

More than £20 million for councils to improve attainment.

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08/06/16 14:45

Weather impacts on Queensferry Crossing

FCBC now expects more time will be needed to complete new Forth bridge

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08/06/16 12:17

SAF deadline: one week to go

Farmers and crofters urged to get their SAF and BES applications in as soon as possible.

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08/06/16 11:06

Call to increase community ownership

Land Reform Secretary highlights right to buy opportunities.

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08/06/16 11:00

Bold ambitions

Scotland’s leaders to be driving force in their communities.

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08/06/16 09:45

£350K to support community ownership

Funding will enable communities to buy out buildings and land.

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08/06/16 09:30

Household numbers continue to rise

The number of households in Scotland has continued to increase, though the rate of growth is smaller than before the economic downturn.

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08/06/16 09:25

Chief Scientific Adviser announced

Chief Scientific Adviser announced: Chief Scientific Adviser announced

Professor Sheila Rowan MBE to advise on science’s impact.

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