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20/10/17 10:00

Scottish National Investment Bank

Consultation launched on next steps.

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20/10/17 09:41

Council tax dwellings and tax base figures for 2017

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland

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19/10/17 09:34

Pay boost for carers

Workers guaranteed Living Wage for overnight hours.

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19/10/17 00:01

Haggis on the menu in Canada

Haggis on the menu in Canada: 9-19

Scotland to start exports of haggis for the first time in 46 years.

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18/10/17 10:43

Labour market statistics

Scottish employment rates higher than the UK.

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18/10/17 00:01

Trade links with Canada must be protected after Brexit

Business needs certainty over trade agreements.

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17/10/17 11:23

Two weeks until A90 average speed cameras go live

A90 speed cameras will improve safety

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17/10/17 11:21

Public show for Inverness link road option

In a couple of weeks, local residents and road users will have the opportunity to view the preferred route option for the Inshes to Smithton road scheme.

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16/10/17 15:46

150 years of friendship between Scotland & Canada

150 years of friendship between Scotland & Canada: Gift 1

Scottish Government presents commemorative gift.

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