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02/10/13 09:10

Planning Performance Statistics

Quarter one statistics from April to June 2013.

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02/10/13 09:00

Savings and Stabilisation Funds for Scotland

Experts claim ‘strong case’ for creating new funds in an independent Scotland

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01/10/13 14:36

£1.7 million for masters-level learning

Universities and local authorities to develop new opportunities for teachers.

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01/10/13 11:41

Aquaculture website launched

Increase in transparency and decision processes.

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01/10/13 10:30

£2m Town Centre Housing Fund opens

Demonstration scheme to breathe new life into town centres.

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01/10/13 10:16

New legislation planned for Scotland’s carers

FM announces a new plan to further the rights of carers and young carers.

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01/10/13 09:34

Pesticide usage on farms

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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01/10/13 09:18

Homicides lowest for 37 years

Statistics show a decrease of 32 per cent in 2012-13.

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01/10/13 09:14

Homicide in Scotland 2012-13

An official statistics publication for Scotland.

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