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17/07/14 10:15

£4.5 million for social landlords

Latest phase of Green Homes Cashback scheme announced

Social landlords will now be able to apply for a share of £4.5 million in funding for energy efficiency measures as part of the Scottish Government’s Green Homes Cashback scheme.

The scheme provides funding to individual households and social landlords towards the cost of measures such as boiler upgrades and home insulation.

Additional Green Homes Cashback funding was announced in May, and from today, social landlords will be able to apply for their share of a £4.5 million pot of this funding.

Councils and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) will be able to claim up to a total of £250,000 to help pay for energy efficiency improvements to their stock.

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess will announce the latest phase of the scheme later today, when she visits a housing development in Dunfermline that has benefited from investment under the Government’s Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland (HEEPS).

She is expected to say: “Energy efficiency measures can make a huge difference to families who are struggling to make ends meet, and social landlords will now be able to apply for up to £250,000 in funding to help drive down the cost of tenants’ fuel bills.

“Scotland is outperforming the UK in the delivery of home energy efficiency measures that is saving households money, and the Green Homes Cashback scheme will save money on fuel bills and cut emissions.

“Rising energy prices remain a huge concern for the Scottish Government, and in total, we will spend almost a quarter of a billion pounds over a three year period on fuel poverty and energy efficiency.

“With the full powers of independence we plan to permanently transfer responsibility for ECO and Warm Homes Discount from energy companies to the Scottish Government, meeting these costs from central resources and maintaining investment in energy efficiency.

“By passing on these long term reductions to their consumers, companies will be able to reduce bills year on year, in contrast to the UK Government’s short term fix.”

David Stewart, Policy Manager from the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, said:

“The SFHA welcomes the announcement of the Green Deal cashback scheme, which provides a timely boost for housing associations and cooperatives as they look to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

“While our members have the most energy efficient homes in Scotland, recent above inflation increases in domestic energy prices means that investment in measures that provide affordable warmth for tenants is a priority.

“The announcement of this fund is particularly welcome as it will support investment in the more expensive measures necessary to improve hard to treat homes, such as solid wall insulation.

“Hard to treat housing is a priority for social landlords who have already invested significantly in measures such as cavity wall insulation, double glazing and central heating in homes that are suitable for those measures.”

Notes to editors

Details on how social landlords can apply to the Green Homes Cashback Scheme are available here: