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20/08/13 00:01

Alcohol and wine sales report

Drop in alcohol sales

Commenting on the publication of NHS Health Scotland's report on alchol and wine sales, Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said:

“While I welcome the drop in alcohol sales, enough alcohol is still sold for every adult in Scotland to drink at least the weekly sensible limit for men of 21 units, each and every week since 2000. We still drink around a fifth more than England and Wales and NHS Health Scotland’s report highlights that is due to the higher consumption of more affordable alcohol bought in off licences and supermarkets, especially cheap vodka. That is fuelling much higher levels of harm which results in 100 alcohol-related hospital admissions a day and costs Scotland £3.6 billion each year – £900 for every adult in Scotland.

“There is no one measure which will help change Scotland’s relationship with alcohol and our wide ranging Alcohol Framework helps prevent problems arising in the first place and improves support and treatment for those needing it. We also need minimum pricing to deal with cheap drink, the real source of Scotland’s alcohol problem. Minimum pricing will save hundreds of lives, prevent thousands of hospital admissions, reduce crime and save the public purse millions in dealing with the consequences of alcohol misuse.”