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19/06/13 15:14

Calls for UK Government to change course

Devolved administrations write to Treasury

Scotland’s Finance Secretary and representatives from the other devolved administrations have written to the Treasury raising concerns about the approach being taken by the UK Government.

Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney said:

“Yesterday I, and my colleagues in the devolved administrations wrote to the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, following discussions at the recent finance ministers quadrilateral raising our concerns about the approach being taken to spending and emphasising once again the essential importance of capital investment in the economy.

“The Chancellor has chosen austerity over investment in growth and jobs and the cost has been the continuing deterioration in the public finances and a prolonged.

“That cost is increasingly born by the most vulnerable in our society and public services in Scotland urgently seeking to mitigate the worst impacts of the UK’s disastrous welfare reform programme.

“The Chancellor has also failed to stimulate the economy through capital investment and I have called on the Treasury to take the views of the devolved administrations into account.

“With the powers of independence Scotland would have the economic levers and the scope to tailor welfare policies in line with Scotland’s interests, to ensure that Scotland’s businesses and people no longer have to fund the failures of a UK Government.”

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