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17/12/13 09:46

Cancer waiting times

Committed to cancer treatment.

Health Secretary Alex Neil said:

“There can be no doubt that coping with a diagnosis of cancer can be extremely difficult. While this Government has reduced waiting times to record low levels we know there is more still to do.‪

“We understand that having to wait for tests or to begin cancer treatment can be frightening and at the very least frustrating. That is why we continue to scrutinise performance across NHS Scotland and request action plans from NHS Boards where performance against the cancer waiting times standard has not been maintained. ‪

“When it comes to cancer, we are determined to taking all the necessary action to improve earlier diagnosis, advance the treatments available to patients and invest in staff and equipment. This commitment is helping us to treat more patients that ever before – with over 4,000 more patients treated under the 62 day standard since 2007. ‪

“We also know that more Scots are surviving cancer compared to 25-30 years ago. The simple truth is, more people are surviving because treatments are better and more people are getting checked earlier. The earlier cancer is found, the easier it is to treat and the more likely you are to survive. That is why we are telling the public not to get scared, get checked and why we will do everything we can to ensure that once they get checked they get treatment as quickly as possible.”