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01/07/18 00:01

Consultation on children’s rights

Action plan to be published.

Children will be put at the heart of policy making in Scotland as part of an action plan on their rights.

The public is being asked to shape the plan, which will transform how children and young people experience their rights and are involved in the decisions that affect them.

The consultation will seek views on the inclusion of:

  • the development of a participation framework for young people
  • the delivery of a three-year programme to raise awareness of children’s rights across all sectors of society
  • an audit of the most effective and practical ways to further embed the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into legislation
  • an evaluation of how children’s rights and wellbeing are considered in the development of all new Scottish Government policy and legislation

Children and Young People Minister Maree Todd said:

“We are committed to respecting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of all children and young people, and are taking forward actions across government to make Scotland the best place to grow up.

“We want to ensure children’s rights remain at the forefront of decision making which is why we are seeking views on our plans. This consultation has been developed following conversations with a number of children and young people, and I am looking forward to hearing from them further on the proposed content and format of the action plan.  

“The measures in the action plan will also ensure that the legacy of this Year of Young People 2018 continues into the future.”


The consultation on the draft Action Plan will run from 2 July and will close on 26 September.  The Report and Action Plan will be laid before Parliament later this year.

An easy read online questionnaire will be made available over the summer.

The evaluation of how children’s rights and wellbeing are considered in the development of all new Scottish Government policy and legislation will be looking at child rights and wellbeing impact assessments from 2015 when the relevant part of the 2014 Act came into force.

Provisions in Part 1 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 (2014 Act) place specific duties on Scottish Ministers to keep under consideration whether there are any steps which they could take which would or might secure better or further effect in Scotland of the UNCRC requirements and, if appropriate, to take steps identified by that consideration.  The 2014 Act also requires Ministers to promote public awareness and understanding of children’s rights and to report every 3 years to the Scottish Parliament on relevant progress and their plans for the subsequent 3 year period.   

In developing their plans for the next 3 year period, Ministers must take such steps as they consider appropriate to obtain the views of children and young people.