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17/12/13 09:30

Council Tax Reduction

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

This publication provides statistics on the Council Tax Reduction scheme, which reduces the Council Tax liability of vulnerable people in Scotland. Statistics are based on data extracts from local authorities, and cover the time period from April to September 2013. Statistics are available for each month and the most recent statistics are for September 2013.

There were 547,860 Council Tax Reduction recipients in Scotland in September 2013

Total weekly expenditure on Council Tax Reduction in Scotland in September 2013 was £7.0m, a decrease of 1 per cent (£71.6k) from April 2013

The average weekly Council Tax Reduction award per recipient in September 2013 was £12.81

209,890 (38 per cent) Council Tax Reduction recipients were aged 65 or over in September 2013

64 per cent of Council Tax Reduction recipients were single with no child dependant

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