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27/01/16 09:30

Export Statistics Scotland 2014

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

The results of Export Statistics Scotland were released today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician. This publication, formerly known as the Global Connections Survey, provides an estimate of the cash value of Scotland’s exports of goods and services, by industry and destination in 2014. This estimate covers all sectors of the Scottish economy. Key findings are:

The total nominal value of Scotland’s International Exports (excluding Oil and Gas) decreased in the last year, falling by £920 million (3.2%) from £28.4 billion in 2013 to £27.5 billion in 2014.

Between 2010 and 2014 international exports increased by £4.0 billion (17.3%), increasing from £23.4 billion in 2010 to £27.5 billion in 2014.

In 2014, the largest exporting industry is manufacture of food products and beverages (£4.8 billion, 17.3% of all exports)
[1]. The second largest industry is Legal, accounting, management, architecture, engineering, technical testing and analysis activities (£2.3 billion, 8.5% of all exports), followed by the manufacture of refined petroleum and chemical products (£2.1 billion, 7.8% of all exports), Mining and Quarrying (£1.9 billion, 6.9% of all exports) and Wholesale and retail trade (£1.8 billion, 6.5% of all exports).

In 2014 (42%) of international exports were destined for countries within the European Union (estimated at £11.6 billion). Within the EU, the Netherlands was the largest market, followed next by France and then Germany. The USA was Scotland top International export country market

Exports to the rest of UK (from Scotland) in 2014 (excluding oil and gas) are provisionally estimated at £48.5 billion, an increase of £1.5 billion (3.2%) over the year.

Total international and rest of UK exports in 2014 (excluding oil and gas) are provisionally estimated at £76.0 billion an increase of £570 million (0.8%) from £75.4 billion in 2013. Rest of UK exports account for 64% of all exports from Scotland (international and rUK combined).

[1] It should be noted some other food and drink commodities are also included in wholesale and fisheries Industrial Sectors.

Notes to editors

The full statistical publication can be accessed at:

These published estimates relate to both international and rest of UK exports.

Estimates in Exports Statistics Scotland are provided in current prices. A time series of total exports adjusted for inflation is included for the first time as an experimental series in Annex A.

National statistics are produced by professionally independent statistical staff – more information on the standards of national statistics in Scotland can be accessed at:


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