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15/10/14 10:07

Fair Work Convention created

FM: we will work closely with STUC to establish fair work leadership body.

A key recommendation of the Working Together Review will be implemented by the Scottish Government, First Minister Alex Salmond announced today.

The Fair Work Convention will be a stakeholder body which will provide leadership on Scottish industrial relations, and which will promote the principles behind fair work. It will encourage dialogue between unions, employers public sector bodies and government.

Addressing the STUC’s major conference, Decent Work, Dignified Lives, the First Minister announced a further step in the Scottish Government’s commitment to living wage policy.

The First Minister said:

“The Fair Work Convention was a key recommendation of the Working Together Review. Such is the importance of the Review’s principles, I’m delighted to announce that we are making this important suggestion a reality, and strengthening our commitment to living wage policy and fair working conditions for all.

“We will, of course, work closely with the STUC in establishing this body. The Fair Work Convention will provide leadership on industrial relations and encourage dialogue between unions, employers public sector bodies and government.

“One of the aims of the Fair Work convention will be to exert greater Scottish influence over the minimum wage; it will also champion other aspects of good industrial relations, including payment of the living wage. It will be a powerful advocate of the partnership approach which characterises industrial relations in Scotland at their best – it will highlight the fact that business productivity goes hand in hand with proper pay for employees. It will take forward the aims of this conference – decent pay and dignified lives - and the objective that I have pursued throughout my political career; the power to make that happen. Not just change in Scotland but change for Scots.

“We must ensure that people are valued, rewarded, engaged in their work – and we must allow everyone to feel they have a stake in the success of their workplace, their community and their country.

“The Scottish Government is working to build that sort of economy and that sort of society. After the energising process of the referendum Scotland will never be the same again – it will be better.”

Notes to editors

The unions had three representatives on the Review - Grahame Smith, Lilian Macer from Unison, and Mary Alexander from Unite. The idea for the Mather review originated from a meeting with the STUC General Council.

The Scottish government established the Mather Review in February, to examine how better working environments can be created for employees across the country.

The Review’s final report of the Mather Review was published in August. The Scottish Government will publish our full response to the review around the new year.

The Scottish Government wants greater powers over pay to be determined in Scotland. Proposals have been submitted to the Smith Commission that recommends the minimum wage should be decided by the Scottish Parliament.