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22/10/13 12:28

Finance Secretary comments on Grangemouth

Finance Secretary John Swinney said:

“The priority today is to urge that the Grangemouth refinery starts working again. Every day Grangemouth is idle, the situation becomes more dangerous and we are urging INEOS to fire up the plant.

“The union and management both say they see a great future for the Grangemouth complex if the required investment comes in. They both support that investment, so if we can get them to build on these aspects of common ground, then we can get the plant working again and the other discussions, negotiations, consultations can take place in a much better atmosphere than we have at present.

“We urge the trade union to continue to make clear there will be no strike action or threat of strike action hanging over the plant. A working plant will be a far better position in which to continue making decisions about the future of the Grangemouth complex, and remember that both INEOS and the union agree that the plant has an exciting and viable long term future.

“In view of the clear danger of a stalemate developing between the owners and the union, the Scottish Government has indeed been actively pursuing alternative options. This is what the people of Scotland expect. However, the overwhelming priority if to get the Grangemouth plant back into operation.”