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27/06/13 20:13

First Minister meets parents involved in baby ashes scandal

Following the meeting with parents today, First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“Today I heard first-hand of the pain and distress that these parents have suffered. It was very emotional and they displayed immense courage in speaking up today.

“I have every sympathy for parents who have lost their babies, and for those parents whose have learned that the cremated remains of their babies were dispersed or buried without their knowledge or consent.

“The Infant Cremation Commission, which we have established under the chair of Lord Bonomy, is a national response to that situation. It is in the process of thoroughly examining the policies and practices in all crematoria in Scotland and will report by the end of the year. This will allow us to legislate next year to prevent these terrible events from ever happening again.

“Lord Bonomy has already published guidance for all cremation authorities for conducting a local investigation, which will ensure investigations are transparent, independent and objective, and are respectful and sensitive to the concerns of affected families.

“As Dame Elish Angiolini’s investigation is doing in Edinburgh, I believe the remaining authorities could and should investigate any case brought to them to provide parents with the answers they deserve.”