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21/02/14 10:29

Further support for Scottish fishing industry

Further support for Scottish fishing industry: Marine-fisheries-fishing-creels

Creel support fund established.

A Scottish Creel Support Fund has been launched to help fishermen badly affected by the exceptional winter weather.

Many creel fishermen have experienced hard financial times recently due to a combination of the extreme weather which can lead to a loss of fishing gear and a reduction in catch.

£400,000 has been made available by the Scottish Government which will contribute towards easing financial pressures faced by many in the industry.

The creel sector and the inshore fishing industry generally is very important to many of Scotland’s most fragile coastal communities in helping to sustain employment and maintaining and enhancing an important part of our national heritage.

This announcement follows a fund that was established last summer for whitefish and prawn fishermen. The Scottish Government wants to support our inshore fishing industry and their communities and help those experiencing genuine hardship.

After listening to the nation’s creel fishermen, the Scottish Government have acted swiftly to assist the sector in two ways:

* setting up a Scottish Creel Support Fund which will allow those fishermen who suffered in 2013 to apply for direct funding
* working to develop new and existing markets for creel caught produce

Over the next few days Marine Scotland will be writing to all creel fishermen to alert them to this new fund.

Scottish Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

“The inshore fishing industry is very important to Scotland’s economy and the value of the catch in 2012 was £87 million.

“However, the real value is often in the wider socio-economic benefits generated in communities around our coast; helping support schools and other local services, often in the most remote and fragile parts of the country.

“This section of our fishing industry is facing exceptionally tough times and the Scottish Government wants to support them and their communities as they seek to overcome these challenges.

“My officials and I will continue to work with the industry to discuss what further steps can be taken to help and to develop new and existing markets for creel caught produce.”

Welcoming the creation of this new fund, Alistair Sinclair of the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation said:

“The creation of this fund will assist beleaguered fishermen who have suffered severe losses over the past two winters. Many of these guys are the lifeblood of small rural communities and this display of support from the Scottish Government must be recognised as acknowledgement of their importance around the Scottish coastline.”

Fiona Matheson of the Orkney Fishermen’s Association said:

“The Orkney creel sector has seen a very difficult 12 months with a combination of late cold springs and persistent gales from west and east resulting in undue hardship to men, their businesses and their families. Many have lost or damaged gear and been unable to get to sea for many weeks.

“OFA welcome the Government’s announcement that financial help will be made available to the creel sector and are pleased that recognition of the particular stressors hardship brings to rural and isles communities is being recognised at Government level.”

Notes to editors

For more information on the fund, including eligibility criteria, please visit:

Applications for the Scottish Creel Support Fund must therefore be submitted to Marine Scotland by 26 March 2014.




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