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09/09/13 00:01

Income guarantee for 30,000 students met

First students to benefit from best package of support.

Almost 30,000 students have already been awarded student support of £7,250 – the highest guaranteed income ever offered in Scotland for those from the poorest backgrounds.

As students begin to return to university, figures from the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) show 28,579 students so far will benefit from the Scottish Government’s minimum income commitment this year. In addition, all students are now benefitting from access to more money, as requested by the National Union of Students in Scotland.

SAAS estimate around 7,000 students have still to apply for funding and they are being encouraged to do so urgently as they risk not having financial support in place when they start university.

Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

“I want Scotland to be a country where young people get the opportunities they need. We’ve already delivered access to university based on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay. Now nearly 30,000 students from the poorest backgrounds will benefit from our commitment to give them at least £7,250 financial support a year.

“As our young people prepare to begin or return to their universities, they are the first to benefit from the best package of student support in the UK. This means, as requested by NUS Scotland, they have more money available to them during their time at university.

“This shows how decisions taken in Scotland benefit Scottish students and will benefit our economy in future years by ensuring we have the high calibre graduates we need.

“We know that a number of students have yet to complete their applications for support and I’d urge anyone in this situation to do so as quickly as possible because they risk not having their support package in place when they begin university.”

Notes to editors

The new student support system delivers the commitment to provide a minimum income for students from the poorest backgrounds. Scottish domiciled students studying at a Scottish university are entitled to apply for a package of bursary and loan support. Awards are based on household income:

Young students:

Household income

Up to £16,990 – total of £7,250 (bursary of £1,750 and loan of £5,500)

£17,000 - £23,999 – total of £6,500 (bursary of £1,000 and loan of £5,500)

£24,000 - £33,999 – total of £6,000 (bursary of £500 and loan of £5,500)

£34,000 and over - £4,500 loan

Independent student

Household income

Up to £16,990 – total of £7,250 (bursary of £750 and loan of £6,500)

£17,000 - £23,999 –£6,500 loan

£24,000 - £33,999 –£6,000 loan

£34,000 and over - £4,500 loan

The new entitlements come into force at the start of the 2013/14 academic year for all students.