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14/06/13 11:59

Issued on behalf of the Infant Cremation Commission

First publication from the Infant Cremation Commission.

The Rt Hon Lord Bonomy has published initial guidance for all cremation authorities on the key areas they would expect to be addressed, if conducting a local investigation.

The guidance is published alongside the first progress update from the Infant Cremation Commission.

The update also includes further information on the call for written submissions, next steps and timescales.

For those wishing to make a written submission, the Commission has now added some additional guidance and information to their webpage.

The Commission is continuing to gather and examine legislation, guidance, and practice from across Scotland, and internationally, across all the main organisations working in this area. This includes contacting all Cremation Authorities in Scotland for information on the local policies in every one of the 27 crematoria.

Lord Bonomy said: “I am pleased to report that the Infant Cremation Commission has now met twice, with very constructive and productive discussions even at this early stage.

“I continue to urge those who have been directly affected by these matters to make their submissions to the Commission.

“We have now published initial guidance for all cremation authorities, to assist them if they conduct a local investigation. This guidance includes ensuring any such investigations are conducted transparently, independently and objectively and are respectful and sensitive to the concerns of affected families.”

Notes to editors

The full text of the Commission’s progress update is available from