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12/09/14 10:41

Land Court and Lands Tribunal appointment

New Scottish Land Court Chairman and Lands Tribunal for Scotland President appointed.

Sheriff Roderick John MacLeod QC has been appointed Chairman of the Scottish Land Court.

First Minister Alex Salmond nominated Sheriff MacLeod for appointment on the basis of the recommendation by the independent Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland. The appointment was made by Her Majesty the Queen. Ministers also appointed Sheriff MacLeod as President of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland on the recommendation of the Lord President of the Court of Session.

Sheriff Roderick John MacLeod QC graduated with an LLB Hons from the University of Edinburgh in 1975. He became a solicitor in 1979, an Advocate in 1994, was appointed as a Sheriff in 2000 and as a QC in 2013. He has been the Deputy Chair of the Scottish Land Court since 2006.

Sheriff MacLeod will take up both appointments on October 1, 2014. His total annual salary for the two roles will be £141,332 per annum.


The Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland was established by Ministers in 2002 and became an independent advisory non-departmental public body on June 1, 2009. The Board has statutory responsibilities under the Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act 2008. Its role is to recommend for appointment to the office of judge, Chairman of the Scottish Land Court, sheriff principal, sheriff and part-time sheriff. The First Minister retains the statutory responsibility for making nominations to Her Majesty the Queen and is required by statute to consult the Lord President of the Court of Session before making his nomination