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17/06/14 11:17

Mesh medical devices

Health boards asked to consider the suspension of mesh devices.

Health Secretary Alex Neil has asked the Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to write to all health boards to ask them to consider the suspension of polypropylene mesh medical devices.

Speaking at parliament this morning, he also announced that a Scottish-based independent review would be set up to report on the procedure, reporting early in the new year.

Mr Neil was addressing the Public Petitions Committee at the Scottish Parliament, which was considering a petition by Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy, on behalf of the Scottish Mesh Survivors - "Hear Our Voice" campaign.

Mr Neil said:

“I can confirm that in the last year the CMO has written three times to all GPs, through Medical Directors, alerting them to the possibility that women may suffer complications following insertion of these mesh implants, and that all adverse events should be reported to the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).

“In addition today I have asked for an independent review to be set up urgently to report on the issues raised such as complication rates and under reporting. This review will report at the beginning of 2015 taking account of the European Commission’s study on these devices.

“I do not have authority to withdraw these products but I have asked the CMO to write to all Health Boards to consider the suspension of these services until further evidence becomes available early next year.

“Where individual women and their clinicians agree on the need for a particular service this will still be available.”