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13/09/13 09:56

More women in senior roles

Summit to consider future action plan

The Scottish Government has announced plans for a Women in Public Life summit to take place on 5 November in Edinburgh. It will consider issues around the appointment of women onto public boards and what might prevent women from applying for positions on public body organisations and come up with a programme of actions to address these.

Figures show that 39.2 per cent of all appointments to public body organisations in the last year were women and that women now account for more than 35 per cent of all board members on public boards.

The Scottish Government is keen to see women represented at a minimum of 40 per cent of all board positions.

The summit will also consider how we continue to sustain the improvement in women’s representation achieved this year and what lessons can be learned to increase overall diversity on public boards.

Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport Shona Robison, who also has responsibility for equalities, said:

“The Scottish Government is aware of historical issues of women getting onto board positions but that situation is clearly improving.

“There has clearly been good progress in this area and we are rightly proud of what has been achieved to date but we recognise there is much more that is still to be achieved.

“That is why we are planning a Women in Public Life summit to look at the issues around getting more women onto public boards.

“Women in Scotland make up for 52 per cent of the population. They clearly have a voice to be heard and we will do all that we can to make sure this happens by working with private and third sector organisations to drive forward improvement in the diversity of corporate boards.”

Ms Robison added:

“We have done a lot of work around gender to ensure that women are represented on public boards and in senior management roles. However we also acknowledge that other groups also face barriers and we reach out to those groups as well as part of our plans to improve diversity and drive forward progress in a modern and equal 21st century Scotland.”

Notes to editors

Scottish Public Appointments 1 Feb 2012 to 31 Jan 2013: Diversity Statistics