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18/07/14 13:30

Scotland to be leader in cultural dialogue

Independence ‘biggest boost to Scotland’s profile’.

Speaking at an open discussion on the future of our cultural sector, Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop said culture is a bridge between nations that can ensure Scotland plays a key role in international dialogue.

Ms Hyslop sought the views of the sector on our cultural future and highlighted the role that Scotland will play on the international stage.

Ms Hyslop said:

“This is a time that has created an unprecedented opportunity for debate, for critical and creative thinking and ultimately for change – for what more creative an act could there be than an opportunity to create an independent nation?

“We all want to see the arts and culture thrive in Scotland, and now is the time to think about how that can happen.

“Next month we are hosting the second International Culture Summit in Edinburgh, bringing together Culture Ministers, artists, thinkers and arts leaders from around the world to encourage the sharing of ideas and collaboration between nations.

“The Scottish Government supports events such as this because we believe that culture is a bridge that enables dialogue between nations and we want Scotland to be a leader in shaping international cultural dialogue.

“As an independent nation, Scotland would have a network of 70-90 overseas missions. These embassies and offices will be tasked with certain duties. I want to make it clear that one of those fundamental duties will be to promote Scottish culture internationally.

“It will be the biggest boost to Scotland’s international profile there has ever been. It will mark a transformation in our status to an equal member of the community of nations.

“And it will be a global showcase – from Dublin to Delhi and Warsaw to Washington – for the vibrant, outward-looking and diverse cultural output produced across Scotland.

“We have a choice to make in September and the outcome of the choice that we make as individuals and collectively, offers a future which is emphatically controlled by us and for us. It’s a future built on who we are now and who we want to be.

“I feel hugely optimistic about the future for culture in Scotland. The nation is abuzz with energy, ideas and discussion and we can use that boost to ensure the arts and culture thrive in Scotland.”

Notes to editors

Ms Hyslop was speaking at a discussion event “The Future of Culture in Scotland” in Glasgow