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28/08/13 09:36

Scottish annual business statistics 2011

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

Scotland’s Chief Statistician today published Scottish Annual Business Statistics (SABS) 2011. The publication includes financial and employment statistics on businesses operating in Scotland, by industry sector, local authority area and company ownership. The statistics cover approximately two thirds of the economy and are best suited to analyses of individual industries rather than the Scottish economy as a whole.

The main findings are:

In 2011, cash terms Gross Value Added (GVA) in the services sector amounted to £50.3 billion, compared to £12.7 billion in manufacturing and £6.1 billion in the construction sector. The remaining sectors, covered by SABS, accounted for £27.1 billion (oil and gas extraction accounted for £19.4 billion of this, note that the SABS includes off-shore oil and gas activity).

In 2011, within services, the three largest contributions to GVA came from: the insurance sector at £6.7 billion (13.4% of total services GVA), retail trade at £6.6 billion (13.1%) and wholesale trade at £4.4 billion (8.7%). Together these three industries accounted for 35.2% of total services GVA.

In 2011, within manufacturing, the three largest contributions to GVA came from: the beverages sector at £2.9 billion (22.9% of total manufacturing GVA), food products at £1.4 billion (10.9%) and metal products at £1.2 billion (9.2%). Together these three industries accounted for 43.0% of total manufacturing GVA.

In 2011, within services, foreign-owned businesses accounted for 20.3% of GVA, whereas within manufacturing, foreign-owned businesses accounted for 35.8% of GVA.

In 2011, the local authority areas contributing most to total GVA within manufacturing were Glasgow City (11.1%), Fife (8.5%) and Renfrewshire (7.3%).

Notes to editors

1. The Scottish Annual Business Statistics (SABS) are based on the Annual Business Survey (ABS) conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Summary 2011 data, for all regions and countries within the UK, were published by ONS on 25 July 2013 and are available at:

2. The results published today present more detailed 2011 figures for Scotland, with revised figures for 2010.

3. The 2010 figures for the Insurance and Re-Insurance sector have been significantly revised. Revisions were driven by changes within the sector where a small number of businesses had been returning global figures rather than UK only. Any comparison of results with years prior to 2010 should be undertaken with caution, particularly for the ‘Insurance, reinsurance, professional, scientific and technical activities (Section KM)’ industry, as well as overall business economy totals, for Scotland and in particular local authority areas.

4. The latest SABS results include the first release of GVA and Turnover data for the Scottish Government’s Growth Sectors. Data for the Growth Sectors, covering the period from 2008 to 2011, are summarised at:

5. Further information on Business statistics within Scotland can be accessed at:

6. National statistics are produced by professionally independent statistical staff – more information on the standards of National statistics in Scotland can be accessed at: