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16/09/13 00:01

Strengthening labour market

Finance Secretary comments on Bank of Scotland Report.

Finance Secretary John Swinney said:

“We welcome this further evidence of a strengthening labour market in Scotland, showing stronger growth than the UK as a whole. The BoS report shows an improving picture for the 34th consecutive month with permanent staff appointments increasing for the sixth consecutive month, unchanged from July’s survey record pace.

“Office for National Statistics figures published this week show the number of people working in Scotland is at its highest level in almost five years.

“Scotland has the most competitive business environment anywhere in the UK, backed by significant investment in our infrastructure. We have a higher employment rate, lower unemployment rate than the UK, stronger economic growth, and youth employment figures that continue to out-perform the UK.

"With the full fiscal and economic powers of independence the Scottish Government could do yet more to strengthen our economy and create more jobs."

Last week the Finance Secretary John Swinney announced a draft budget that will fully fund 125 additional hours of early learning and childcare to a total of over £190 million, drive investment in affordable housing of over £1.35 billion over four years and secure £8 billion of infrastructure investment over the next two years.