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14/01/20 00:01

Violence reduction service expanded

Pioneering hospital-based Navigator programme operating in Dundee.

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09/10/19 10:19

Scottish Jury Research

Findings of UK’s largest ever mock jury study published.

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01/09/19 00:01

Victim statement expansion

Giving more victims a voice in court to explain how crime has affected them.

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02/04/19 09:30

Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2017-18

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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19/03/19 17:29

Damages Bill passed

Reforming the law on setting the personal injury discount rate.

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19/12/18 09:43

Strengthening victims’ voices in parole hearings

Consultation on improving openness and transparency of parole.

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25/11/18 00:01

Victims taskforce

Delivering better support for victims of crime.

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