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20/03/16 11:30

£1m for Gaelic broadcasting

Funding boost for Gaelic media service.

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15/03/16 09:30

Scotland’s new Makar

Scotland’s new Makar: Scotland’s new Makar

FM announces Jackie Kay as the new National Poet for Scotland.

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11/03/16 09:30

£2.5m to transform children’s lives

Four year package to support and enhance transformative youth orchestras.

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09/03/16 10:30

Milestone for Scottish film studio proposal

Planning application to be submitted for facility in Cumbernauld.

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05/03/16 00:01

Investing in Scottish Talent

The latest Expo Fund awards are unveiled for 2016/17

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04/03/16 10:30

£10 million to boost youth music

£10 million to boost youth music: £10 million to boost youth music

Arts play a vital role in tackling youth inequality.

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22/02/16 12:56

Protecting the BBC for the next decade

Protecting the BBC for the next decade: Protecting the BBC for the next decade

Charter renewal proposals safeguard future of Public Service Broadcaster.

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17/02/16 00:01

Scotland sets out its stall on Charter renewal

Plans for a bold, creative and ambitious BBC for Scotland.

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11/02/16 17:14

Governments unite to defend independence of the BBC

Ministers quiz BBC Nations Directors on charter renewal.

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03/02/16 11:30

Funding to spark business investment in the Arts

£300,000 match funding helps arts organisations double their money.

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