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08/09/15 09:00

£1 million for screen skills

Funding to strengthen training and development opportunities.

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07/09/15 13:58

Supporting new talent

Scottish productions help to develop our screen sector

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07/09/15 00:01

Record film production spend

Record film production spend: Record film production spend

Film and TV makers invest more than £45 million in Scotland.

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03/09/15 00:01

Growing film and TV production

New Production Growth Fund to encourage producers to base major projects in Scotland.

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26/08/15 09:24

Life in Scotland in 2014

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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04/08/15 15:33

Governments meet over BBC future

Governments meet over BBC future: Governments meet over BBC future

Broadcaster must truly represent all communities, nations and regions of UK.

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03/08/15 00:01

Creative Scotland Board meets gender target

Arts body is first to hit target since new 50:50 by 2020 challenge was set.

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03/08/15 00:01

Alba Chruthachail a’ coileanadh amasan gnè

A’ chiad bhuidheann a th’air an targaid a choileanadh bhon chaidh amas ùr 50:50 ro 2020 a stèidheachadh

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18/07/15 00:01

Eid Mubarak

First Minister sends Eid Mubarak greetings.

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