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13/02/19 18:10

UK Government must immediately rule out ‘no deal’ Brexit

Scottish Government stepping up ‘no deal’ preparations.

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13/02/19 09:52

State of the Economy report

Brexit uncertainty impacting Scotland’s economy.

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05/02/19 15:12

Concerns raised over funding for the third sector after Brexit

Communities Secretary asks the UK Government for assurances.

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04/02/19 00:01

UK “not remotely” ready for Brexit

First Minister delivers speech at Georgetown University on Scotland’s future.

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03/02/19 00:01

Immigration threat to universities

Ministers call on UK Government to reconsider post-Brexit immigration policy.

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20/01/19 11:02

Businesses concerned about Brexit

Risks of higher consumer prices, loss of labour and EU funding.

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17/01/19 12:18

Rise in European visitors

Number of visitors and tourism spend continue to increase.

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