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19/10/20 00:15

Call for urgent meeting on funding

Lack of engagement on prosperity fund “counterproductive”.

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07/10/20 18:00

Internal Market Bill should be abandoned

Parliament rejects consent for “deeply damaging” Bill.

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28/09/20 11:55

Internal Market Bill

Legislative Consent Memorandum published.

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17/09/20 11:03

Finance Ministers' "deep concern" over UK Internal Market Bill

Spending proposals would “reverse devolution”.

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08/09/20 17:45

UK Internal Market Bill

Scottish Government consent impossible.

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29/07/20 19:11

Parliament briefed on risks from a UK Internal Market

Constitution Secretary calls UK White Paper “disastrous for devolution”.

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23/07/20 15:11

Scotland frozen out of maritime security discussions

Justice Secretary expresses deep concerns that Scotland has been excluded from Brexit Ministerial talks.

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09/07/20 18:22

Update on HE and FE support

New EU students to start paying for Scottish places from 2021/22

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