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13/12/18 10:07

Supreme Court judgment

Constitutional Relations Secretary: Scottish Government 'vindicated'.

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09/12/18 00:01

Delegation to make a stand against impact of Brexit

Minister takes Scotland's case to Brussels on eve of Westminster Brexit vote.

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27/11/18 14:00

Brexit deal ‘damaging’ to Scotland

The UK Government’s draft agreement could cost £1,600 per person.

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25/11/18 00:01

Brexit cost

Risk to public finances.

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15/11/18 14:42

Brexit deal

Scottish Parliament to have a vote.

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13/11/18 14:51

Devolved power curb ’should be repealed’

UK confirms ‘significant progress’ agreeing frameworks with devolved administrations.

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06/11/18 11:00

Threat to seed potato exports

No deal scenario unacceptable.

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04/11/18 00:01

Stockpiling medicines

FM: 'UK Government must come clean on Brexit cost to NHS'.

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01/11/18 10:52

Helping businesses prepare for Brexit

Online tool aimed at all companies.

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