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24/09/18 16:05

‘No deal’ could see flights grounded

Constitutional Relations Secretary calls for end to 'Brexit brinkmanship'.

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13/09/18 14:20

Brexit passport concerns

UK Government 'no deal' approach "irresponsible".

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11/09/18 14:35

Brexit preparation

Constitutional Relations Secretary warns of no-deal ‘chaos’.

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10/09/18 09:49

“No answers to basic questions” on future EU security partnership

Justice Secretary urges clarity with 200 days until Brexit.

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30/08/18 11:04

Strengthening Scotland’s voice in trade deals

Protecting the national interest.

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06/08/18 00:01

Protecting rural Scotland from Brexit

Views sought from farmers.

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02/08/18 14:59

Scottish protected food names under threat

Call for the UK Government to protect famous Scottish produce.

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25/07/18 18:04

Call to devolve migration

Stark figures show impact of Brexit on education workforce.

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15/07/18 00:01

EU settlement scheme

Letter to Home Secretary

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12/07/18 14:25

Brexit White Paper

External Affairs Secretary: “UK plans fall short and harm economy."

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