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12/12/18 00:01

Safeguarding Scotland

Budget to support transformation of essential public services.

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09/12/18 00:01

Protecting public services

Scottish budget will prioritise health and education spending.

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28/10/18 00:01

UK budget must end austerity

Promises must be backed up by action.

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21/06/18 14:40

Provisional budget outturn

Update for the 2017-18 financial year.

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31/05/18 15:26

The consequence of UK choices on Scotland

Finance Secretary calls on UK Government to change course on austerity, immigration and Brexit.

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11/03/18 00:01

Spring Statement must deliver clarity on Brexit impact

Finance Secretary writes to the UK Government

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20/02/18 00:01

Scottish Income Tax

Reforms benefit lowest earning taxpayers.

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31/01/18 15:14

Budget stage 1

NHS, economy and the low paid to benefit

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20/12/17 00:01

Building a fairer Scotland

£756 million investment in affordable housing.   

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17/12/17 00:01

A budget for business

Spending on the economy to increase by 64%.

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