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04/06/15 15:10

Alcohol debate must continue

Progress has been made, but further action is needed on alcohol misuse.

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01/04/15 09:40

Planning decisions

Plan to boost delivery of new housing.

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01/04/15 09:30

Mixed trends for housing development decisions

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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19/03/15 00:01

LGBCS consults councils on ward boundaries

Issued on behalf of the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland

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20/02/15 10:44

Progress on planning performance

Annual report highlights improvements and way ahead on payday lending.

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18/02/15 10:19

Sandy Knowe wind farm refused

Impact on landscape deemed unacceptable.

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28/01/15 15:10

Moratorium called on fracking

Consultation will seek public’s views on unconventional oil and gas.

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15/01/15 00:01

Proposed boundary changes

Public consultation on change between Fife and Perth & Kinross council area at Keltybridge

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