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26/01/14 09:10

New low in latest teacher claimant count

Qualified teachers claiming jobseekers lower than the rest of UK.

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26/01/14 00:01

Jobs at the heart of Scotland’s future

Independence would boost the labour market recovery

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24/01/14 10:32

Renewable projects approved

Wind farm development and biomass station given go-ahead.

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22/01/14 11:46

Energy boost for Malawi

Energy boost for Malawi: Malawi Trip Humza Yousaf

Funding for life-changing project extended.

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22/01/14 08:56

Clear2Pay to create new jobs in Fife

Clear2Pay to create new jobs in Fife: Clear2Pay

Finance Secretary announces 29 new jobs

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20/01/14 11:09

European Ocean Energy Forum

European Ocean Energy Forum: Business-energy-wavepower

Scotland ‘well placed’ to play vital role in strategic development.

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20/01/14 00:01

Bank of Scotland Labour Market stats

Finance Secretary John Swinney comments.

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17/01/14 10:32

Wind farm to provide energy for 50,900 homes

Highlands wind farm development approved

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