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23/09/20 14:58

Hate Crime law reform

Amendments to Bill proposed to safeguard freedom of speech.

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25/08/20 19:21

Family court process to be more child friendly

Legislation to put the best interests of children at the heart of cases.

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13/05/20 17:15

Emergency marriage and civil partnership guidance

Advice announced as part of second Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill.

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21/04/20 15:28

Short-term prisoners considered for early release

Further safeguard for those working and living in prisons amid COVID-19 outbreak.

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14/04/20 13:37

Criminal trials during COVID-19 outbreak

Discussion paper published ahead of talks and update to Parliament.

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02/04/19 09:30

Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland 2017-18

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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01/05/18 17:05

Widening access to civil justice

Legislation to expand funding options for civil actions passed.

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