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18/05/17 09:15

Reducing reoffending

Funding for offender mentoring services.

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16/05/17 10:24

Tackling the disability employment gap

New measures to support job opportunities for disabled people

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09/05/17 12:21

Scotland’s first urban right to buy

Consent granted for Portobello church purchase.

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27/04/17 14:45

New social security agency puts people first

Profit-making private firms won’t carry out benefit assessments.

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27/04/17 10:19

Migration drives record high in population

EEA inward migration supports Scotland’s population levels.

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25/04/17 09:30

Scottish Welfare Fund

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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25/04/17 09:30

Decrease in derelict and urban vacant land

Decrease in derelict and urban vacant land: National Statistics

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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24/04/17 14:40

£6.3m for Scottish Ambulance Service

Paramedics to deliver more care in the community.

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12/04/17 10:04

£3m for social entrepreneurs

Action plan to boost Scotland’s burgeoning social enterprise sector.

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07/04/17 12:30

Funding for social and community care

More than £1 million awarded to voluntary organisations.

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