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16/03/17 09:43

Experience Panels invitations

18,000 people to be invited to give views on social security system.

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12/03/17 00:01

Help for carers

Rise in inclusive tourism short breaks.

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09/03/17 10:00

£25 million for local regeneration

Grants to support 29 community projects across country.

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08/03/17 12:33

Dyslexia support funding doubles

New training tools to be developed for teachers.

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05/03/17 00:01

Bedroom tax mitigation

£58 million to combat UK Government’s welfare cuts.

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03/03/17 10:00

Social Security Experience Panels

Scotland’s approach to be shaped by people using current system.

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22/02/17 11:00

Funding for grass roots initiatives

£1.9m available for community groups to tackle poverty.

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22/02/17 08:15

More young people into Work

£6.1 million to help 16-29 year olds progress in to employment.

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