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29/10/14 09:45

Pesticide Usage in Scotland

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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19/10/14 10:53

French fancy for Scottish food and drink

Lochhead meets with Remy Cointreau Group.

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15/10/14 09:52

Common Agricultural Policy roadshow

Opportunity to find out about changes to farm and rural funding.

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08/10/14 15:23

Greening update

New Common Agricultural Policy will be ‘greenest ever’.

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06/10/14 13:00

Starters orders

Starters orders: Starter Farm

Rural Affairs Secretary visits first Scottish Government starter farm.

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30/09/14 09:44

Bee pest confirmed

Small hive beetle confirmed in Italy.

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20/08/14 10:35

New Shetland power station approved

Around 400 jobs to be created during construction.

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20/08/14 10:07

Five farming gains of independence

Five farming gains of independence: Agriculture-farming-livestock-cattle-cow-highland

Rural Affairs Secretary sets out benefits for farmers and crofters.

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15/08/14 09:00

Rural Network Upgrade for Ryder Cup

Rural Network Upgrade for Ryder Cup: Ryder Cup Trophy

Ryder Cup Signals Permanent 4G Upgrade for Perthshire

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