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07/02/14 13:14

Scotland’s first Rural Parliament

Inaugural meeting to be held in Oban.

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31/01/14 17:36

PM refuses better deal for Scotland’s farmers

CAP funds not being returned to Scotland.

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29/01/14 09:42

Indications of farm income recovery

Official statistics point to partial bounce back in 2013.

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29/01/14 00:01

Crofting Register support continues

Crofting Register support continues: Agriculture-farming-croft

Communities urged to submit group applications.

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22/01/14 00:01

Lay of the land

Survey to map Scotland’s tenant farming sector.

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03/01/14 00:01

New Year message to farmers

Rural Affairs Secretary looks ahead to 2014.

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24/12/13 00:01

Farm deal ‘a bitter blow’ to Scottish farmers

First Minister calls on Prime Minister to return CAP funds to Scotland.

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19/12/13 10:00

Source local for your festive feast

Source local for your festive feast: Food-drink-roast-chicken

Scotland home to some of the world’s finest food and drink.

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18/12/13 10:51

CAP transfer set at 9.5 per cent

Rural Affairs Secretary: rate ‘strikes the right balance of support’ .

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