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07/04/14 10:50

£6 billion cut from welfare budget

Analysis shows full impact of Westminster cuts still to come.

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25/03/14 11:30

Over £9 million funding for Irvine

Regeneration, community and business investment announced at Cabinet.

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24/03/14 00:01

Enshrining Scotland’s values

Enshrining Scotland’s values: DFM at Wales Governance Centre Annual Lecture 2014

Independence Bill to set out interim written constitution.

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11/03/14 09:46

Scotland’s Future a ‘bestseller’

Scotland’s Future a ‘bestseller’: Scotland's Future Being Published - Feature

Over 100,000 copies of independence blueprint ordered.

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04/03/14 16:46

Scotland will be “northern light”

Independence will counter pull of London and rebalance whole UK economy

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04/03/14 14:49

Welfare reform warning

“Moral case a sham” insists Burgess.

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03/03/14 10:57

Only independence can deliver the powers Scotland needs

Only independence can deliver the powers Scotland needs: Only independence can deliver the powers Scotland needs

Alternatives would fall short of addressing Scotland’s five key challenges.

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19/02/14 20:11

Children and Young People Bill passed

Children and Young People Bill passed: More support for children and families

Reforms will help Scotland become ‘the best place in the world to grow up’.

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18/02/14 00:01

Transforming childcare

Workforce review to support early learning and childcare across Scotland.

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17/02/14 15:11

Islands meeting

Fourth meeting of Island Areas Ministerial Working Group.

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