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02/02/17 21:09

Scottish Parliament to vote on UK Government's Article 50 Bill

Michael Russell: Holyrood vote to send “resounding message that Scotland’s future is in Europe”

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02/02/17 09:45

Brexit threat to human rights

UN warns UK Government’s plans risk opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ for ‘deregulation and regression’.

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30/01/17 16:26

Scotland in Europe

Cabinet Secretary asks European Parliament to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard during Article 50 process

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30/01/17 16:22

Joint Ministerial Committee

Time running out for PM to reach UK-wide agreement before Article 50 is triggered

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26/01/17 19:00

Remembering the Holocaust

DFM: ‘No place for bigotry and prejudice in Scotland’.

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26/01/17 13:47

Brexit meeting with Secretary of State for Scotland

No offer and no guarantee on repatriated powers.

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24/01/17 17:36

UK Supreme Court ruling

Consent of the Scottish Parliament must be sought on Brexit

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19/01/17 12:20

JMC meeting on Brexit

Scotland must be treated as full partner in process.

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