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30/01/17 12:30

Sealing the deal

Inverness and Highland City Region Deal is signed.

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27/01/17 10:04

Investing in growth and public services

Budget Bill introduced to Parliament.  

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27/01/17 09:39

Economic benefit of The Open

£110 million benefit to Scotland from last year’s event at Royal Troon.

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25/01/17 09:30

Debt solutions in Scotland hold steady

Debt solutions in Scotland hold steady: National Statistics Logo

Scots accessing statutory debt solutions show little movement, according to Accountant in Bankruptcy figures

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20/01/17 14:45

Finance trilateral meeting

UK Government must give greater clarity about budgets

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18/01/17 11:29

GDP statistics

Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Keith Brown, comments on GDP statistics.

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18/01/17 09:30

Scottish economy grows 0.2%

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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05/01/17 00:01

Support for cities

City Region Deals boosting jobs and local economies.

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