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11/04/19 09:00

Offshore wind summit

Proposals to maximise economic benefits.

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01/04/19 13:45

Fighting the throwaway culture

Deposit Return Scheme update.

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27/03/19 11:42

Research and development spending up

Scottish funding at record high levels.

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27/03/19 09:30

Gross Expenditure on Research and Development 2017

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

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24/03/19 00:01

Rates relief puts Scotland in fibre fast lane

New initiative to help deliver more broadband infrastructure.

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20/03/19 09:57

Scotland’s economy grows 0.3% in 2018 Quarter 4

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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20/03/19 09:30

Eighth quarter of continued economic growth

Construction and the services sector boost the economy.

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14/03/19 15:34

Scotland’s £4 billion Space Sector

Lift off for Scotland’s space ambitions.

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13/03/19 00:01

£85 million for Borderlands

Funding for cross border growth deal.

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