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16/03/14 00:01

Independence to guarantee farm payments

EU cash secured with Scotland at top table in Europe.

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14/03/14 15:28

Response to Ofgem's update on Project TransmiT

Energy Minister expresses disappointment in decision.

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14/03/14 15:28

‘Bedroom Tax’ budget call

Deputy First Minister calls for lift to cap .

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13/03/14 09:19

New generation boosts Tourism Week

Young employees take centre stage to showcase hospitality skills.

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12/03/14 09:33

Scotland’s finances

Fiscal position over the past five years ‘stronger than the UK’ by £1,600 per head.

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12/03/14 09:30

Government Expenditure & Revenue Scotland (GERS) 2012-13

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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11/03/14 18:00

Opportunity for innovation in Independent Scotland

Opportunity for innovation in Independent Scotland: Opportunity for innovation in Independent Scotland - List

£124 million innovation investment over 5 years.

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11/03/14 13:34

Scotland in top global economies

Scotland outranks UK on international performance.

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11/03/14 09:30

£6.6m for digital Scotland

£6.6m for digital Scotland: £6.6m for digital Scotland

First Minister announces funding to attract up to 11,000 jobs.

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