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13/10/17 20:00

Maoineachadh airson a’ Mhòid Nàiseanta

Tabhartas bliadhnail air a ghairm leis an LPM airson seasmhachd a’ Mhòid a dhìon.


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11/10/17 10:30

School pupils stand up to knife crime

Play promoting reduction in knife use touring the country.

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08/10/17 14:20

Branching out to STEM

A new teacher bursary for career changers.

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04/10/17 10:05

Measuring the attainment gap

Consultation on assessing progress.

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28/09/17 09:30

£1 million for school libraries

School Library Improvement Fund

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22/09/17 12:41

Improving education

Standardised assessments for schools.

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21/09/17 18:14

School reforms progress

International Council of Education Advisers commend improvement action.

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14/09/17 15:29

More local food on the table

£1.3m to support locally-produced food in public sector.

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