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28/03/17 12:05

Education Scotland chief executive

HM Chief Inspector of Education announces retirement.

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27/03/17 00:01

Widening access to medical schools

New courses to help less affluent students.

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24/03/17 14:00

EU student status confirmed

DFM confirms free tuition in Scotland for EU students enrolling for 2018-19.

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24/03/17 10:00

Final chance for students to submit 2016-2017 SAAS Applications

Issued on behalf of the Student Awards Agency Scotland.


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22/03/17 11:49

Accessible childcare

FM announces fund to improve access to free ELC entitlement.

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21/03/17 11:12

The way forward for STEM

New specialist group will shape Scottish Government strategy.

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18/03/17 15:27

Fair pay at heart of childcare expansion

Fair pay at heart of childcare expansion: Childminders central to childcare ambitions

8,000 childcare staff to earn the living wage.

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17/03/17 12:08

2000th Green Flag awarded

2000th Green Flag awarded: 2000th Green Flag

World first for Scotland in sustainable schools programme.

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15/03/17 12:30

Brexit impact on universities

Ministers meet higher education representatives.

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08/03/17 12:33

Dyslexia support funding doubles

New training tools to be developed for teachers.

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