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20/02/14 12:00

Sporting business opportunities continue

Sporting business opportunities continue: Shona Robison Meets Modern Apprentices at NVT

Businesses urged to act to build business and employee skills legacy from Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup

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19/02/14 20:11

Children and Young People Bill passed

Children and Young People Bill passed: More support for children and families

Reforms will help Scotland become ‘the best place in the world to grow up’.

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19/02/14 09:36

Largest annual rise in employment since 2007

First Minister welcomes rise as 1,200 new job opportunities created.

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18/02/14 09:45

Brighter future for care leavers

New powers allow young people in care to receive support for longer.

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18/02/14 00:01

Transforming childcare

Workforce review to support early learning and childcare across Scotland.

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16/02/14 11:15

Scotland’s Adoption Register nears ‘100’ landmark

Family-finding scheme expands nationally under Children’s Bill.

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13/02/14 10:30

Tomorrow’s workforce shaping up well

Tomorrow’s workforce shaping up well: Tomorrow’s workforce shaping up well

New research shows young people are ready for work.

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11/02/14 16:19

Scotland optimistic for young people

School-leavers prospects to improve with Curriculum for Excellence.

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07/02/14 11:25

Training support for Social Services workforce

Nearly 100 groups to benefit from £966,000 third-sector skills development fund.

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05/02/14 11:30

1500 jobs for life sciences

1500 jobs for life sciences: 1500 jobs for life sciences (unsized)

New industrial biotechnology innovation centre launches.

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