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29/11/16 09:30

Low carbon industries worth almost £11bn

Sector in Scotland supports 43,500 jobs including supply chain posts.

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08/11/16 09:59

Businesses in Scotland 2016

Businesses in Scotland 2016: 01b63f0187ca4cfa80937a9a0a135529

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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26/09/16 11:15

Support for local economies

£10 million boost for regeneration projects.

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28/07/16 14:35

Boost for renewable energy

Boost for renewable energy: Boost for renewable energy

Funding to support workforce and skills for the future

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07/03/16 10:00

Shieldhall Tunnel shapes up

Shieldhall Tunnel shapes up: Shieldhall Tunnel shapes up

£100 million storm water storage tunnel moves towards construction phase.

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03/03/16 12:29

Climate ready Clyde

Funding for adaptation.

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01/03/16 00:01

Energy efficiency heating up for public sector

Scheme could save £30 million a year on public sector energy bills.

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12/12/15 18:45

COP21 deal welcomed

First Minister hails ‘historic’ UN climate change agreement.

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