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29/11/16 09:30

Low carbon industries worth almost £11bn

Sector in Scotland supports 43,500 jobs including supply chain posts.

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25/11/16 10:00

Annual wildlife crime report

5 year drop in wildlife crime.

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24/11/16 15:39

Conserving wild salmon

Regulations to further protect salmon stocks.

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24/11/16 14:59

Beavers to remain in Scotland

Species set to receive protection, but will require careful management.

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24/11/16 11:30

Brexit impact on research discussed

Roseanna Cunningham meets research institutes to discuss concerns.

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22/11/16 09:43

Keirs Hill wind farm refused

Proposed scheme would impact on historic sites.

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21/11/16 09:31

Fox hunting laws

Review of legislation complete.

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15/11/16 12:50

Tackling climate change

Support for developing countries.

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13/11/16 00:01

Climate change challenge

Future progress at risk following EU vote.

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10/11/16 14:49

Reducing carbon emissions

£400,000 to help restore Scotland’s peatlands.

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