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25/02/15 11:00

Over £14 million for Wave Energy Scotland

Fostering collaborative research to accelerate wave technology development.

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23/02/15 00:01

Illegal pesticide removal

Make use of free pesticide disposal scheme.

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20/02/15 09:33

Climate change reporting

Proposals for required reporting by public sector bodies.

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18/02/15 10:19

Sandy Knowe wind farm refused

Impact on landscape deemed unacceptable.

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16/02/15 09:45

Granite City green heat revolution

Funding will help power homes across Aberdeen.

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30/01/15 14:14

Energy Minister welcomes stakeholder response to fracking moratorium

Ministers offer meetings with both industry and with environmental NGOs.

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28/01/15 15:10

Moratorium called on fracking

Consultation will seek public’s views on unconventional oil and gas.

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26/01/15 00:01

Climate Challenge Fund

£2.86 million to local communities to help tackle climate change.

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19/01/15 00:01

Review of waste spreading

Lochhead commissions review of legislation and guidance.

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