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08/10/14 15:23

Greening update

New Common Agricultural Policy will be ‘greenest ever’.

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03/10/14 17:49

Ewing comments on Longannet announcement

Urgent reform of UK transmission charging needed.

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01/10/14 16:58

Open letter on greening

Open letter on greening: Environment-bees-wild-flowers

Update from Scotland's Rural Affairs and Environment Secretary.

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30/09/14 16:07

Better protection for underwater habitat

First Marine Conservation Order introduced for South Arran.

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30/09/14 09:44

Bee pest confirmed

Small hive beetle confirmed in Italy.

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29/09/14 11:18

Household waste recycling

Richard Lochhead welcomes progress but calls for further action.

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25/09/14 20:16

Scottish householders rights to object to fracking to be removed

UK announces decision to drill under homes without consent.

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25/09/14 09:34

Scotland on track for another record year for renewables

New stats show 30% increase in renewable electricity generation.

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