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01/01/14 17:06

A safe New Year

Following successful Hogmanay celebrations, continued vigilance on weather important.

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01/01/14 00:01

Creating a buzz on Colonsay

Creating a buzz on Colonsay: Agriculture-bees-wild-flowers

Landmark reserve to provide protection for native black bees.

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30/12/13 17:14

Environment Minister visits flood-hit South West

Paul Wheelhouse sees local response to flooding event in Dumfries

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29/12/13 14:43

Scotland reconnected following festive storms

Tens of thousands of households reconnected thanks to multiagency response.

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29/12/13 00:01

Final call for Waste Regulations compliance

Final call for Waste Regulations compliance: Recycling - Bottles

Scottish businesses urged to prepare for new rules on waste.

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28/12/13 12:15

Weather disruption eases

Efforts continue to restore power and transport services as flood risk subsides.

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24/12/13 22:17

Weather update

Weather update: Emergency-rain-motorway-cars

Scottish Government's Resilience committee receives update on impacts of winter storm.

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20/12/13 10:52

More communities rise to Climate Challenge

Further funding confirmed for climate action projects.

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18/12/13 09:00

Summit planned to secure islands energy future

Announced today by Scottish Government and Scottish islands.

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