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13/12/13 09:46

Hydro station approved

Homes to benefit from hydro pump storage flexibility.

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11/12/13 13:15

UK carbon budget response

Paul Wheelhouse comments on a report from the Committee on Climate Change.

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11/12/13 09:40

Rural development consultation

Views sought on vision for £1.3 billion programme.

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10/12/13 11:47

Scotland’s Soils website launched

Scotland’s Soils website launched: Soil Release 1

Online resource to help manage and protect our soils for future generations.

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06/12/13 11:52

Scottish Green Awards 2013

Energy Minister wins ‘Best Politician’ award.

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05/12/13 19:34

Flooding risk

Flooding risk: Resilience-flooding-roads-cars

Weather advice from Environment Minister

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05/12/13 17:52

Weather Update

Weather Update: Resilience-wind-damage-tree-car

Work continues to restore power and travel network.

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04/12/13 18:53

Severe weather warning

Severe weather warning: Emergency-wind-damage-tree

Wind and flood disruption expected

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04/12/13 13:02

Crackdown on environmental crime

Proposals to further protect Scotland’s environment.

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21/11/13 10:00

A touch of glass

A touch of glass: Environment-recycle-bottles-green

Pioneering £5 million glass processing plant opens.

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