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05/01/17 09:58

Help for women and girls in Africa

Comic Relief teams up with Scottish Government.

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21/12/16 10:15

Action on child poverty

Annual report and consultation responses published.

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07/12/16 10:00

Scottish Government appoints Race Equality Framework Adviser

Kaliani Lyle to provide insight and advice on implementing Framework actions.

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17/11/16 09:30

Making the right to food a reality

Response to recommendations by independent working group on food poverty.

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16/11/16 09:30

Action on funeral poverty

Better advice and support for planning funerals.

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09/11/16 15:11

Hate crime must be eradicated

Nation-wide campaign will aim to raise awareness.

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02/11/16 11:00

Scotland welcomes refugees

Next phase in strategy to support refugees.

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25/10/16 09:32

Review of student support

Jayne-Anne Gadhia to chair review group.

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23/10/16 00:01

Breaking down barriers

FM to deliver speech on disability inclusion.

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